We made this short article to report 3 curious and interesting facts concerning the city of Follonica. Did you know that...

  • the coat of arms of Follonica depicts a prow of a ship sailing on the waves of the sea. The City Council's resolution, dated 1924, explains why this ship and a seascape were chosen for the city's coat of arms: "we wanted to depict the sea in which a Roman prow stands out to symbolize the maritime activity of our municipality and the fervent hope that it will acquire ever greater growth."
  • the blue tower is the tallest residential building in the Tuscany Region (73 meters high in 22 floors), second only to the Matteotti skyscraper in Livorno (96 meters high in 26 floors)
  • In Leonardo Pieraccioni's 1995 film "I Laureati," one of the characters has a home in Follonica, but another location was chosen to film the scenes set in our town, namely Santa Marinella, a seaside town in Lazio.