Showing off, showing off, joining in a parade, exhibiting actors to draw audiences to a
performance, "Parade" means a bit of all of these. We have chosen an evocative word
French to gather the program of the new Follonica cultural September.

The Culture Yard Committee, which represents the many cultural associations in the area,
then involving others from Tuscany and Italy, has put together an
intense program, devoted mostly to theater and poetry, which draws inspiration from the great
work conducted in Follonica by Eugenio Allegri, the theater's recently deceased artistic director.
If today the Fonderia Leopolda Theater is an indispensable reference point for the cultural life of the city of

Follonica, well, the credit for that goes to Allegri, who has always dreamed of our theater becoming a real
real Permanent Laboratory of the Arts and Performing Arts. Here, we are trying, with all our

Therefore, we appeal to theater regulars, school, children, students of dance classes,
theater, music, associations. Finally to teachers, artists and those in the performing arts who make their
their art make a profession out of it.

Everyone TOGETHER, as Eugenio wanted and as it should be, each with their own specificities and skills
but always keeping in mind that-as Nobel laureate Elias Canetti wrote-"All the things we have
forgotten cry out for help in our dreams."

Download the full program here!