Follonica, a city overlooking the sea

Follonica is one of the most popular summer destinations of the Grosseto Maremma and more generally of Tuscany.

The gradual urban expansion toward the sea, which took place mainly during the last century, has made Follonica a city with a strong tourist vocation, although its foundation dates back to the 16th century (AD), when it established itself in the Tuscan territory as an important steel hub.

The historic center of Follonica in fact coincides with theancient perimeter wall (magonal fence) that enclosed the ironworks.

The Beaches and the Gulf of Follonica

Follonica's coastline is particularly appreciated for its sandy seabed that slopes slowly out to sea. A feature that allows anyone to be able to dive into the water without taking risks.

The numerous bathing establishments scattered along this stretch of the Maremma coastline offer sea lovers the opportunity to spend pleasant days on the beach in the company of friends and family. There is also no shortage of large stretches of free beach and DOG BEACH, dedicated to those who choose Follonica and the Maremma to spend their vacations with their dogs.

Follonica has been awarded the Blue Flag several times in the past 18 years. In 2017 it received the 5 Sails from Legambiente, ricons that have been a guarantee on the quality of the sea water and services provided to visitors since their establishment.

Accommodation facilities

Follonica offers a wide range of accommodations for unforgettable vacations in Maremma, offering solutions differentiated by price range, location and services: hotels, luxury hotels, vacation homes, resorts, campsites, agritourisms and bed&breakfasts. 

Recreational activities and events

Follonica offers numerous entertainment opportunities for young and old alike: theater, art cinema, discos, cocktail bars, concerts, fairs, and events organized by the municipality and private parties.

The nearby Montioni Nature Reserve is an ideal destination for open-air activities such as trekking, bird-watching and cultural-historical walks.

Art and culture

Follonica is a town rich in history, tradition and places to visit. The MAGMA - Museo delle Arti in Ghisa della Maremma (Museum of Cast Iron Arts of the Maremma), located in theformer iron and steel complex, offers the chance to get in touch with the history of Follonica and its territory. The Montioni Natural Park, on the other hand, offers the possibility of historical itineraries to discover some of the most important places for the territory during the Middle Ages.

MAGMA - Museum of Cast Iron Arts in the Maremma

MAGMA - Museum of Cast Iron Arts in the Maremma, was inaugurated in 1970 in a temporary location. Since 1998, this museum of the Maremma has been permanently housed inside the old San Ferdinando Furnace.

Inside MAGMA, thanks to the multimedia exhibit, it is possible to trace the process of cast iron production, both locally and internationally. In the Etruscan section of the museum, on the other hand, a number of artifacts found during the excavation of the Etruscan iron and steel settlement at Rondelli are on display.

Follonica Theater

The former steel complex houses, in addition to MAGMA, the Follonica Theater. The restoration project of the Fonderia Leopolda, a building that currently houses the theater, was supervised by architect Vittorio Gregotti.

Opened on October 27, 2014, with a concert by Franco Battiato, currently the auditorium can hold 400 people. There is also a cafeteria and a restaurant inside the theater.

Municipal Art Gallery

The Pinacoteca di Follonica, dating back to the early twentieth century, was first Casa del Fascio, then Casa del Popolo and now houses the Civic Art Gallery. Inside are permanent collections donated by contemporary artists and painters, local and otherwise.

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