On March 7 and 8, Follonica is once again a stage venue for great cycling, hosting the arrival and departure of the second and third stages of the Corsa dei due Mari, the Tirreno - Adriatico.

Tuesday, March 7 will come the stage started from Camaiore, the arrival is scheduled in Via della Repubblica height Eden Park with the group coming from Puntone, it will be seen the progress of the stage of a sprint finish, so great show assured. II next day instead the departure will take place from Lungomare Carducci, to arrive in Foligno after 216 km of the race.

For the occasion, Follonica will show off its beauty by illuminating its monuments with a beautiful blue light at night.There will also be side events with schools and a series of meetings organized by the area's cycling associations dedicated to various aspects of cycling. Meetings will be held in Sala Tirreno starting Feb. 24.