The old steel complex in Follonica, commonly known as the ex-Ilva, can be considered as one of the most important examples of industrial archaeology in the Maremma and in general in all of Tuscany.


MAGMA - Museum of Cast Iron Arts in the Maremma, one of the leading museums in the Tuscan Maremma, is located in the heart of Follonica. Opened in 1970, since 1998 the museum has been permanently housed in the old Forno di San Ferdinando...

Fattoria Bicocchi

Fattoria Bicocchi in the town of Follonica, known as Tenuta del Numero Uno, is a historic estate located in the vicinity of the Via Aurelia. It represents a typical...

Casello Idraulico

The hydraulic tollgate at Follonica, as well as the other hydraulic tollgates in the Tuscan Maremma, were built to regulate water regulation during the reclamation operations undertaken systematically in the 19th century on the Maremma coast.

S.Leopoldo Church

The church of St. Leopold of Follonica, with a Latin cross plan, features a cast-iron Serilian-style pronaos. Also made of cast iron are the three columns supporting the entablature. At the bottom, a balustrade, also made of cast iron decorated with openwork, delimits the pronaos area.

Municipal Art Gallery

The Civic Art Gallery building in Follonica, dates back to the early 1900s, and was first Casa del Fascio and then Casa del Popolo. The two rooms host temporary exhibitions of modern and contemporary art...

Montioni Park

The present built-up area of Montioni near Follonica was established in 1809 at the behest of Elisa Baciocchi, who had been appointed by Napoleon Bonaparte as Princess of the Principality of Piombino...

Pinewood of Follonica

Follonica's pine forests are among the protected natural areas of the Tuscan Maremma. In part, they are located within the city and thus also include two public parks (the Pineta di Levante and the Pineta di Ponente).

Poggio tre cancelli

The Poggio Tre CancelliNature Reserve is located within the Montioni Park a few kilometers from Follonica. It covers an area of 99 hectares and is under protection as one of the natural biotopes judged relevant and therefore deserving of...


The Pievaccia di Follonica, a kind of stone filaretto tower, is located within the Montioni Natural Park. The high ground on which this structure stands, which is named Poggio al Chiecco...

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